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Travelpro Luggage: Built to Last!

Looking to buy indestructible luggage that will last far beyond your next trip? Consider buying lightweight Travelpro luggage. As a testimonial for Travelpro's popularity, our reviewers saw this brand more than any other brand while in Europe and especially while in Paris; and, this is a reputable company that has been serving flight attendants and crew for a long, long time.

If you're looking for the leading manufacturer of value priced, premium quality luggage.... have a look at Travelpro! There are 6 luggage lines to choose and compare, review them below.

Travelpro - Luggage Set Collections

  • Walkabout Lite
  • Platinum 4SE
  • TPro XTreme
  • PortalLite
  • Wall Street
  • Runway

Each of the above lines includes a 19" and 22" carry ons. Other bags are also inluded.

Care Instructions - How to Clean

Use a cleaning solution comprised of 50% water and 50% Industrial Strength Alcohol. Spray on bags. After application, rub down gently with a soft cloth and allow to air dry. Industrial Strength alcohol may be purchased through any home improvement store.


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