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Safety matters: What's new in travel accessories?

No matter what kind of traveling you do, business or pleasure, knowing the kind of safe travel accessories available can help put your mind at ease. If safety is a concern: Monitoring your child at the airport or keeping sensitive electronic equipment protected, read on about two important accessories.

Accessorize before your trip

When traveling, it is important to keep sensitive electronic gadgets and equipment safe. Cell phones, digital cameras, watches, MP3 players, passports, IDs, cash, documents and other valuables all can become vulnerable in certain environments. In particular locations where sand, mud, dust, rain, snow, salt or dust can become problematic.

To care for your electronic devices, buy a dry pouch. This trip accessory comes in 4 sizes and is designed to give you air-tight and floating.

To protect your kids, Angel Alert child distance monitors will alert you with an ear piercing alarm when your children have wandered away too far in busy airports, amusement parks or malls.

And this lightweight device is easy to wear. The Angel Alert unit consists of two small pieces - a transmitter the child wears and a receiver for the parent - it activates when the two pieces are pulled apart.

To purchase these and other important accessories for travel, have a look online.

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