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Find out about Samsonite rolling luggage options!

The most popular rolling luggage being used in today's travels around the airports, curbs and streets is one featuring a retractable handle and 2 wheels. You can buy standard rolling carry on luggage or large luggage that gets checked at the counter.

Other Samsonite rolling luggage choices include a number of backpacks, including the Sammies Kid's Bags. These adorable rolling backpacks for kids are a huge hit for any child who likes ladybugs, turtles or giraffes.

For adults, rolling duffels and totes can be carried on board. This saves you time upon arriving at your destination.

The Sahora collection

For the 4 wheeled option, take a look at Samsonite's 4 wheel Spinners. These bags are a part of the Sahora collection and include carry ons, suiters, and split case carriers. The 4 Spinner wheels allow for upright rolling in multiple directions, also allowing for 360 maneuverability. In addition, having the extra wheels adds greater stability to your luggage. For anyone with mobility difficulties 4 wheeled rolling luggage can be a good choice.

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