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Travel Light with Samsonite Aspire Lite Luggage!

Looking to travel with less weight? Take a look at Samsonite Aspire Lite luggage. This collection features a handful of lightweight bags designed to make traveling easier. Aspire Lite features 3-upright suiters 21", 25" and 29," a garment bag with shoulder strap and two luggage totes, one with wheels the other without.

About Aspire Lite

All Samsonite bags of the Aspire Lite line are made with 1800 denier Polyester. You can choose from three colors navy, moss and black. If you buy one of the rolling suiters you will be able to expand an extra 2 inches, allowing for more items to be packed. These bags are equipped with shoe pockets and panel pocket for easy organization. How much do they weigh? 21" bag weights 8.2 pounds; 25" bag weights 10 pounds 10 oz; 29" bag weighs 11 pounds 10 oz. The Ultravalet Aspire lite garment bag weighs in at 5 pounds 3 oz. This is a dual fold shoulder bag. It packs conveniently for three days of business travel. You can include 3 full suits, 1 pair of shoes, work out clothes and 5 to 6 pairs of underwear and socks easily.

Why lightweight?

Many travelers prefer lightweight luggage because of airline weight restrictions. It can become very expensive, especially on international trips to exceed weight limits. Buying lightweight and restricting the amount you pack, if necessary, can save you money.
Others buy lightweight, primarily for the ease. Transporting a lighter bag is easier on the body. It is also ergonomic and many travelers have difficulty due to age or impairments.

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