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Keeping organized with motorcycle luggage

There are a number of good luggage choices for the motorcyclist. And it doesn't matter whether you ride a cruiser, touring or sport bike. Motorcycle luggage options exist from saddlebags, tank bags, sissy bar bags, handlebar bags to tool bags.

For a weekend motorbike trip, consider buying the sissy bag. These bags typically mount on the luggage rack or passenger seat, and tend to be designed with careful mounting systems to avoid scratching paint. What's nice about this luggage is that it tends to be expandable. Often the manufacturer will include a duffel or roll bag, which, with straps, sits on top of the Sissy bag. Additionally, you can use the back like a backrest. Nelson-Riggs makes a nice one called the RiggsPacks Mini Tourer in black only. Also take a look at brand Carroll Leather, the Weekender Sissy bag is very popular.

Saddlebags are another nice choice. And it seems that BMW riders buy them more than anyone else. However, one complaint is that the hardside luggage can scratch the paint if not mounted properly. Look for bike luggage that includes all the components: bungees, shoulder straps, bungees, protective pads.

For a few tools, take a look at the leather tool bags for the Harley with skull medallion or eagle emboss. As well, there are many styles to choose from: from 2 strap or 3 strap motorcycle pouches of simple black leather to more intricate patterns.

And for long trips, to hold you camera gear and laptop, take a look at the motorbike tank bag. Nelson Riggs makes a magnetic one with a universal fit to be good for all motorcycle types.

To shop online, take a look at some of the top motorbike luggage brands. We suggest checking out: Bagtec, Nelson-Rigg, Carroll Leather, Motopak, T Bags, Kuryakyn and Saddlemen.

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