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Luggage Type Articles

Here are articles about luggage types; find out more information about garment bags, carry ons and lightweight luggage.

Wheeled garment bag - Find out what's available!
If you're looking to buy a garment bag, one of the easiest ways to go is to purchase a bag with wheels.

Save your back with four wheeled travel luggage
The breakthrough of 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled rolling luggage has certainly changed the way we travel.

Ergonomic luggage design
Not all travelers are as robust as Hercules. In fact, a lot of us could use a break

Leather carry on luggage - totes, travel bags and rolling luggage
If you're looking to buy leather carry on luggage there are a number or bags to consider.

Hardside luggage is the thing in Japan
On a small island condensed with so much population it seemed to me, the doe eyed Westerner; that people in Japan were on the go, and with hardside luggage to tote!

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