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Why Buying Luggage Tags is a Safe and Smart Choice

Luggage tags are often overlooked, in fact, many travelers don't even think about them until their bags are being checked. As the baggage line grows, those at the counter frantically fill out the cardboard tag offered gratis by the airline.

There is a concern here though. What if your luggage tag gets torn off by an aggressive baggage handler. Are you sure you'll be able to identify which of the many similar bags is yours?

Looking for new tags? We recommend

To prevent this occurance, as well as to keep a permanent label around your travel luggage at all times, buy a leather or colorful personal I.D. tag for your next trip. This is doubly recommended if your bag is brand new and is not adorned with stickers or other tell tale marks that identify it as your own.

Which brands to buy?

The Eagle Creek Traveler's Search Alert Set provides a TSA Travel Sentry certified lock (this lock allows screeners to open your locked bag without damaging the lock). This product also helps identify your bag: the tag states your name and address, and the colored baggage tag helps locate your bag on the airport carousel.

Another travel accessory worth buying is Eagle Creek's 3 ID Stap Bundle. This ID strap includes a built in ID tag with secure, adjustable, and brightly colored luggage closures. If you have an older hard-sided bag that may not arrive closed, use the strap to keep it secured. The bright color strap also helps in bag location.

Looking for a tag with a bit more style? Take a look at the Clava Heart Luggage Tag. This pretty pink leather tag is a favorite among frequently travelers, allowing you to spot your bag easily.

While many brands, such as Tumi luggage, include TSA ID Tags as part of their bag's features, not all companies do so. If your bag is tagless, you can purchase one for very little money and keep your belongings safe!


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