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Luggage Locks - Why buying a TSA luggage lock is a good idea!

If you're planning on checking your luggage through and want to lock the bag to secure the contents inside, buy a TSA luggage lock. While there are a number of luggage locks to choose from (all costing under $20), securing your travel bags with a TSA certified lock can save you a broken lock at the end or onset of your journey.

What is TSA?

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. In December 2002 the T.S.A mandated screening of all checked bags. And although many bags are screened and unopened, approximately 10% of the bags are opened and inspected by hand. If you have a lock, what will prevent it from broken open?

That's where TSA logo locks come in. TSA locks (Travel Sentry) alerts the TSA personnel that they may open your luggage's lock without destroying it. How does it work? Each TSA screening location has a secured set of passkeys with special codes to open locks. They will relock them after inspection.

If you are looking to buy separately (often designer luggage comes with a tag and TSA lock) take a look at Lewis N. Clark sold online or at a local travel bags store. These colorful metal locks, as mentioned above, sell for under $20. (Choose stylish colors). Locks are typically 3 and 4 dial combination codes.

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