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Reasons to buy lightweight luggage for your next trip

Many people opt to buy lightweight luggage for the simple reason that it makes traveling a lot easier. If you travel frequently and check your luggage, the 50 pound weight limit can easily be exceeded by overpacking and a heavy bag. Many airlines charge a fee for excess luggage weight. This can get expensive, especially when adding up your travel and flight expenses.

To counter the weight restrictions, lightweight travel cases are designed with special technology making them 25% to 30% lighter than standard luggage.

For people traveling frequently for business or personal, having fewer pounds to transport makes travel substantially easier.

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2010 Review: What you need to know about lightweight luggage

Why go lightweight:

  • Helps to keep you from exceeding airline weight limits so that you don't pay additional fees
  • It's more ergonomic and can keep from straining yourself
  • Makes travelling easier

Which brands make lightweight luggage:

Because of the need to keep luggage pounds and weight down, most luggage manufacturers include one or more lightweight lines. This is also the case with bag type; for example, you can buy a "lightweight": luggage set, garment bag, upright, or carry-on bag by brands such as Samsonite, Skyway and Travelpro.

Favorite lightweight luggage:

  • Heys XCASE 20" Lightweight Carry-On (5 pounds 4 oz)
  • Skyway Decade 26" Expandable Vertical Packing Case (9 lbs, 14 oz)
  • Victorinox Werks Traveler 2.0 24" Deluxe Expandable Wheeled Travel Bag (9 lbs, 8 oz)
  • Eagle Creek Exploration Systems Tarmac ES 22" Upright Carry On JUNE 2007 CONSUMER DIGEST BEST BUY IN LUGGAGE (8 lbs)
  • Heys XCASE-XL 3 Piece Luggage Set - Worlds lightest Luggage Set
  • American Tourister Tribute III Cruiseliner; JUNE 2007 CONSUMER DIGEST BEST BUY IN LUGGAGE Wheeled Garment Bag Holds it all! (9 lbs, 8 oz)
  • JanSport Super Break 22" Expandable Upright (8 lbs)

Fashionable lightweight luggage:

Even though functionality is important, there is no need to sacrifice style or fashion. Look for colorful softside and hardside luggage sets in citrus, purple, pink and green.

Lightweight carry-ons:

Buy light and ergonomic carry-on bags and take your luggage on board without the worry of breaking your back trying to stow in the overhead compartment. Brands such as: Atlantic, Delsey and Samsonite, Eagle Creek, and Jansport design quality carry-on luggage that is stylish.

Lightweight spinners:

Spinning luggage is designed with a 4 wheeled rolling system. It is an excellent choice for anyone with shoulder or back problems, mobilility issues, or an elder traveller. 4 wheels enable the user to roll in any direction, with no need to tilt the luggage to roll it. You can: push, pull, or glide sideways.


Choosing the right SIZE bag:

If you are looking to buy lightweight rolling luggage, choose the size that will accommodate the clothes, shoes and accessories desired for the amount of days you plan to travel.

For a short 1 to 2 day trip a 19" to 20" bag works well. For 7 to 14 day trips, consider an expandable 30" lightweight case, or a luggage set.

However, note that larger cases and those with expandable options can get very heavy and cost you. You may want to note that not only can exceeding the weight limit cost you, so too, can exceeding size limit. What is the size limit for your bag?

Many airlines, including, United, Northwest, US Air and American Airlines will charge you if your bag is over 62 "total inches." Total inches is defined by adding up: length + width + height.


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