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Where to shop online for leather motorcycle luggage

If you're ready to hit the road, and looking for choices in leather motorcycle luggage, consider checking out our online favorites!

  • TOP PICK - For a full selection of leather motorbike bags take a look online at Fox Creek Leather. With an outstanding reputation for manufacturing American made motorcycle clothing, this small family business also boasts an excellent selection of leather luggage. Saddlebags such as the: Fatboy, Sportster and Low Rider, Slant and Straight, are made from gorgeous leather. (Estimated price $250 to $300). Travel bags such as the 3 piece cowhide leather sissy bag for extended travel or the trunk bag are well worth the price. They also sell leather roll bags and tool bags. Website is easy to navigate. It offers great product descriptions and photos. Website also provides luggage mounting tips, customer testimonials and more. Return policy: 30 day hassle free. Free shipping and, outstanding customer service.
  • Another place worth checking out is the Leather Accessories Connexion. They too make American made leather accessories and motorcycle luggage. Bags are made with top grain, double layer leather construction and they offer 150,000 saddlebags options and varieties, (If you like choices). They also sell hard and soft case tool bags and saddlebag liners.
  • For another choice visit MotoLeather. They also sell nice leather luggage, and are worth comparing to the other stores for price, shipping and products.

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