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Kid's Luggage Articles

Articles about children's luggage and school bags; find out about wheeled backpacks, camp trunks, carry on bags and more.

Kids rolling backpack - Keep your child safe!
If your child is slouching under the weight of a too heavy backpack consider buying him/her kids rolling luggage

Kids backpacks - Start the year off right!
With a nice selection of themed backpacks for little ones, school can start to seem like a lot of fun.

Trunks - Getting your kids ready for summer camp!
Campers get ready! If you're child is heading off to sleep away camp this summer don't forget to buy him or her, a trunk.

Samsonite kid's luggage, oh so cute!
Samsonite the luggage company founded in 1941 designs not only quality travel luggage for adults, but for children as well.

Send your Kid's to School with a Jansport Backpack!
For all of the right reasons Jansport is the leading manufacturer of school bags for kids.

Traveling with babies? Don't forget the diaper bag!
If you're one of the many travelers who want to carry a functional and stylish diaper bag, there are plenty of choices available.

Best School Backpacks for Teens and College Students
Backpacks are ideal for carrying books, school supplies, clothing and lunch.

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