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Review JanSport Backpacks

For all of the right reasons Jansport is the leading manufacturer of school bags for kids. In business since 1967 Jansport has been designing durable backpacks with innovative design since that time.

Jansport Backpacks- 2007

Today, Jansport backpacks represent a greater selection.Their newest backpack line to review is called: Jansport Super Break backpack, and features approximately 40-backpack choices in various colors and patterns. (Students love them!)

You can buy these book bags affordably, especially because many of the backpacks retail for around $30 to $40; and, if you shop at ebags, you can typically save a few dollars.

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However, there are a number of different backpack styles and types from which to choose. Jansport includes book bags in the following catagories:

Laptop backpacks
Rolling backpacks
Suspension Packs
Small backpack (Half Pint)

Why JanSport?

JanSport has gained its' reputation as a leading manufacturer of student bookbags - and as a leader, the consumer can expect to enjoy a sturdy, well organized pack, that is designed to carry heavy books as well as to use for weekend backcountry and hiking adventure.

  • Jansport pack lines include - Super Break, Airlift, Metro, Commuter, Street Tech, Modus and Classic.


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