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Ergonomic luggage design

Not all travelers are as robust as Hercules. In fact, a lot of us could use a break when it comes to pushing and pulling our luggage. Even carrying backpacks, totes or duffels can sometimes feel tedious.

The answer is ergonomic luggage design. And, if you are one looking for such design, features that will ease the schlep-of-travel include oversized hardware. Consider the oversized zipper, or a rotating luggage handle like that designed by traveltow. Also, rolling luggage, which has been around for a while now, makes it easier to transport your belongings.

For the newest ergonomic luggage, take a look at power luggage. This is battery operated luggage with wheels that travel without the effort of pushing and pulling. If you are interested in this, take a look at This company is based in England.

Luggage Boutique Recommends:

For elderly traveller or those with mobility issues it is extremely important to find the best luggage to support: ease in maneuverability and manageability. Since technology has greatly improved in luggage design, and manufacturers are now designing cases with components aimed to make the gear more functional and user-friendly, one finds that choices in luggage are better than ever and where ergonomics are concerned, getting better all the time.

Here are the best luggage types to consider for Ergonomics:

  • Lightweight Rolling luggage
  • Spinners - These luggage pieces are designed with 4 rolling wheels instead of 2 wheels. This provides the user with the advantage of being able to roll the luggage in any direction, with no need to tilt the luggage to roll it. You can: push, pull, or glide sideways

Components to Consider for Ergonomics:

  • Telescoping Handle - A handle with greater length adjustment options keeps the traveller from straining while pulling the bag
  • Larger Zippers - Easier for those with arthritis and/or hand issues
  • Inline Skate Wheels - Enables the user to roll luggage smoothly and quietly
  • Rotating Handle - Unlike a standard luggage handle which forces your whole arm to contort into an unnatural position, the TravelTow turns any currently shipping luggage into a smart-looking, ergonomic travel solution

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