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Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage - Nothing like traveling in style!

Combining the style of a fashionista with the practical elements of luggage design is what Diane Von Furstenberg has been doing for 20 years. Bags are durable and well thought out, especially for the traveler desiring organization in packing. At the same time, Diane Von Furstenberg luggage adheres to the strictest sense of fashion luggage, which employs a worldly, stylish look.

Luggage collection

What stands out about Diane Von Furstenberg travel luggage? Style! The colorful bags: in bright pink, green, citrus and more. And there are many collections to choose from, take a look:

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  • The Diane Von Furstenberg Vintage Collection offers you a step into the past
  • The Lizard On the Go Luggage Collection offers black bags with faux pink and lizard trim
  • The Hearts Collection, a favorite, has pink and black and olive and black bag combinations
    The Solid Hearts Collection features bright solid colors and attractive design
  • The Madagascar Collection includes a signature design with leopard patterning
  • The Runway Collection offers more "sleek styling" than some of the other collections and has a lot of great bags

No matter what, you'll have fun carrying the unique canvas suede bags or color on the go doctor bags.

What types of bags to choose?

Diane Von Furstenberg offers a unique selection of: spinners, duffels, travel totes, rolling luggage, garment carriers, carry ons, and luggage sets.

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