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Delsey luggage: Designed for the Traveler On a Budget!

Introducing its first line of luggage in 1970, French company Delsey has never looked back. Today Delsey luggage includes a number of collections: Helium 350, Helium limited 300, Helium Lite 100, Helium 250XG, Meridian Hardside and Destiny.

For Delsey's best sellers, take a look at the Helium Lite 100 Carry-on Expandable Suiter Trolley in sky blue, fire red, or carbon black. This 2 to 3 day carry on bag is lightweight and easy to maneuver. With expandability features as well as a number of outside pockets it is possible to squeeze more items into your luggage. However, this approach, overpacking your suitcase, may make storage in the overhead compartment next to impossible. If this is the case, you may have to check your bag.

If you're looking for a luggage set, take a look at Delsey's Helium Lite 100 4-Piece Luggage Set. This set, is available in fashionable pink, lavender, blue, black or red. The 4 piece set includes a 29" and 25" expandable suiter trolley, a 21" expandable carry on trolley, and a personal bag. People say that the colors really stand out at the airport. In addition, the luggage is lightweight.

If you're worried about the rough baggage handlers damaging your suitcase, buy hardside luggage or Travelpro luggage. Delsey makes several good cases worth checking out. One is the Delsey Meridian Hardside Large Suiter Trolley. This rolling suitcase is 30" x 21" x 14" and weighs 20 pounds. It is great for a 1 to 2 week trip. Features such as multidirectional wheels allow for great flexibility. This suitcase is great for international travel as it is sturdy and handles the wear and tear of traveling.

Why buy Delsey?

The Delsey Luggage brand is designed for the professional traveler on a budget. Their luggage designs are innovative, unique and surpassingly affordable. At the same time, their luggage is designed using the most advanced components. You will find in line skates, single button release pull handles, and #10 heavy duty zippers.

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