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Find Great Air Travel Deals and Get Packing!

Forget about paying full price for air travel when you're planning your next trip. Instead, join the growing number of travelers savvy to finding fare bargains through leading travel related websites.

Sure you're familiar with Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz; but have you thought about using their fare alerts to get you the best airfare to a chosen destination from your home destination? These alerts can save you quite a bit of money, and they work by letting you know when airfares to your chosen destination have dropped.

Another great source is Airfarewatchdog. com. This site is perfect in that it gives you all of the air travel deals from your home city. The site also lets you sign up for; "fare alerts", and find the "fare of the day."

Bookmark this site

Visit and see what this site has to offer. If you have a flexible schedule, even better. The site sends you over to other travel sites to book your flight.

If it suggests a site like Travelocity. com to book your flight, (there are usually a few other choices) often a calander will appear (for domestic flights) which shows you possible dates of travel for that published fare.

However, if you give it a try, you may find that your chosen date, which was supposed to be available according to the website, is in fact not available. Tips from Airfarewatchdog suggest that this occurance happens and that there's not much you can do about it except punch in another day. The flexible traveler has home court advantage.

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