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Save your back with four wheeled travel luggage

The breakthrough of 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled rolling luggage has certainly changed the way we travel. It's a lot easier to navigate the airport and busy streets. And the effort of pushing and pulling a heavy suitcase is countered by the humming of wheels.

However, if you're looking to save your back, 4 wheeled travel luggage is the one to choose. See: Samsonite. These drive systems are ergonomic and solve problems with tipping and tilting. They are also sturdier than 2 wheeled bags.

If you suffer from mobility disabilities or have had back surgeries: give the 4 wheeled luggage a try. We recommend taking a look at Mascot Tutto 4 wheeled luggage. Rated #1 by Consumer Magazine, this luggage brand is the only luggage medically endorsed as backsaving. Winner of the Tylenol Arthritis Foundation Design Award, Mascot Tutto Luggage is both safe, healthy and highly functional luggage.

For a slightly different option take a look at power luggage. This is a new technology due to come out fall 2005.

For more information about buying luggage online, please click on the link.

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